Love it or loathe it, there’s a good chance that you’re about to hear the words:

“Are you in the Secret Santa again this year?”

It’s pretty much a trick question, to be honest. It means,

“You ARE in the Secret Santa this year, aren’t you?”

Cos nobody wants to be the miserable Scrooge who sits awkwardly in the corner on gift exchange day with a red faced look that says, “Yeh. I chose not to take part in this year’s festivities.”

So if your workplace runs a Secret Santa, you’re in it. And that means one thing: You need to buy a gift for someone you might not know particularly well. And to make matters worse, it’ll often be a tight budget.

A typical office Secret Santa gift budget sits at around a tenner. So what exactly can you get that’s politically correct enough to give a professional colleague and not completely naff?

Here’s our guide to the best Secret Santa presents for £10 or less.

Secret Santa Gifts for £10 or Less

So here you go. Whether it’s for a him, a her, your boss or the office junior – here are some failsafe Secret Santa budget present ideas:

Instagram Prints

Got the office social media King or Queen? No problem. Find their most popular Instagram snap (yes, ok, it’s a bit stalkerish, but hey, it’s all for a good cause) and get them a printout. It’s a thoughtful gift and one you’ve clearly spent a bit more time on than a quick jaunt into Thornton’s on your way into the office.

USB Cup Warmer

Pretty much all my colleagues drink tea and coffee like it’s going out of fashion during the day. And if you’re caught up in meetings or calls, you’ll often find your brews going cold. And there’s nothing quite as disappointing as cold tea.

Well, do away with the problem. For less than a tenner you can get a USB cup warmer, keeping those teas and coffees toasty for just a little while longer.

Personalised Notebooks

If you don’t like getting new stationery, I’d question whether you’re even human! And we all need a good notebook in the office. So why not get your Secret Santa recipient a personalised one? You can them laser engraved with their name and a little message too. All for less than £10.

How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

Did you land the office cat person in the Secret Santa? This is the gift for them. Because us dog people know that all cats are evil.

Personalised Unicorn Glass

Everyone loves a unicorn. And everyone needs a favourite glass. So this is a cracking Secret Santa gift!

Retro Sweets Box

Sugar. In retro form. That is all.

The World’s Smallest Vacuum

For the office clean freak, the this teeny tiny vacuum cleaner brings a spot of home domestic OCD straight to their desk. They’ll never have to suffer a speck of dust on their desk again.

Light Box and Letters

I absolutely love this. A great desk decoration or a lovely addition to the home. Your Secret Santa recipient can choose a sentimental message or, frankly, an offensive insult. So this suits any personality type!

USB Mini Fridge

Ok, so this is slightly over the £10 budget. But it is so worth it. You can fit a can of drink in this and keep it cool right at your desk. Sick of the office sticky fingers nicking your drinks from the fridge? Problem solved.

Spider Catcher

Nobody likes spiders. At best, we tolerate them. At worst, they turn us into quivering wrecks. And when they all head indoors for the winter, that’s when we need back up. Here it is. The perfect Secret Santa gift for under a tenner – a spider catcher.

A Power Bank

For every smartphone owner on the planet, that flat-battery feeling is a pain. No longer need we suffer it. There are plenty of portable power banks out there and this one is well within budget for a £10 Secret Santa.

Over to You!

Got ideas for gifts that should be featured here? Get in touch and let us know!

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