Jet2 Flight Delay Compensation Claims

There’s nothing quite as miserable as a flight delay, is there? On the way to your holiday destination, you just want to get there and a delay dampens the mood somewhat. And on the way home? Well, I’m usually just dying to get back in my own bed and finding a delay greeting you at […]

Thomas Cook Flight Delay Compensation

thomas cook eu flight delay compensation

There’s nothing quite as annoying as a flight delay when you’re either heading off on holiday or at the end of a holiday and waiting to get back home. There’s some EU regulation that means airlines must compensate you for delays under certain circumstances. Read all about that here. In this particular post, we take […]

My Experience of Lufthansa Flight Delay Compensation

lufthansa flight delay compensation claims

If you’ve taken a Lufthansa flight and suffered a delay of 3 hours or more that was the airline’s fault, you might be able to make a flight delay compensation claim. You typically have two choices when it comes to initiating a claim against an airline for a delay: Go it alone and do the […]

Ryanair Flight Delay Compensation Claims

ryanair flight delay compensation

It seems you can’t browse the web without seeing ads for flight delay compensation claims management companies these days. We’re big advocates of the DIY approach to flight delay compensation claims though. You really don’t have to use a claims management company at all. Of course, if you’re busy and value your time, there are pros to […]