What Credit Score do You Need to Get a Mortgage?

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When you’re trying to get that all important first foot on the property ladder, your credit history can make or break your attempts. But what credit score do you actually need to get a mortgage today? Here in the UK, there isn’t actually any set minimum credit score that you need to have to secure […]

Mortgage Statistics UK 2019

The rising cost of living is now regarded as the biggest threat to our children’s futures, with UK parents showing more concern about this matter than both Brexit and Climate Change. So do we have a right to be so worried? In this article we share some of the latest housing and mortgage statistics in […]

The Difference Between a Secured and Unsecured Loan

The Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Loans UK

Loans fit into one of two categories: Secured and Unsecured. Before making any applications to loan money, it’s important that you understand the differences between these two types of loan. In this article we explain how a secured loan and an unsecured loan differ from one another, describing the way they work, their popularity and […]

Fixed-Rate Mortgages vs Variable Rate Mortgages: Everything You Need to Know

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When faced with choosing between a fixed-rate mortgage or a variable rate mortgage, it can be a difficult decision to make without first doing your research to discover which is the best for you. You must make the right choice for your mortgage as you may be signed up to your agreement for a long […]

Bad Credit Mortgages – Our Guide to Getting a Mortgage with a Low Credit Score

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If you’re hoping to buy a home and you’ve got a less than favourable financial history, you might be worried about your mortgage prospects. So this is our guide to bad credit mortgages. First up, what is ‘bad’ credit? Let’s address the big question first. What exactly is ‘bad’ credit? When we say ‘bad credit,’ we […]

How to get a Mortgage in Principle

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A mortgage in principle serves a couple of benefits. It gives you a clear indication, without a full application, as to what you could borrow and whether a certain lender would lend to you. This saves you getting in too deep with viewings or too far down the process with properties if you won’t be […]

Mortgage Deposit Loans – Should You Borrow to Fund Your Mortgage Deposit

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Getting on the property ladder is hard! With at least 5% of the property value required to get a mortgage and average house prices in the UK currently standing at over £220,000, it’s a pricey endeavour. So it’s tempting to consider taking out a loan to fund a mortgage deposit and you may already have […]

Payday Loans – Things You Should Know Before Applying

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Payday loans get some pretty bad press in the UK. Despite this, it’s a booming industry. So clearly, these short term loans serve a purpose. Now, we’re not financial advisers and, if you’re struggling for cash, then we’d always recommend you get some professional advice. But if you’re considering a payday loan, we’ve done some […]