Furnishing a house can be an expensive business. And one of the biggest investments is a sofa (if you want a good one). But if you, like me, enjoy putting your feet up and relaxing in an evening, then you’ll want a comfy one.

That does not mean, however, that you need to break the bank. There are ways to save money on sofas and armchairs and still get something amazing. Here’s how:

Ex Display Sofas and Returns

Ever wondered what happens to all those sofas in the shops once the models change? They hardly get used. Some potential customers sit on them and then when the season ends, they are moved from the shop to be replaced by a newer model.

What happens to ex display sofas?

Well, most retailers sell their ex display models. You might be able to find links to these pages on their sites, or alternatively you can call up.

If you can’t find a link on their site, try Googling their brand name along with “ex display sofas,” and similar:


dfs ex display sofas

You’ll find clearance pages this way. And also bear in mind that some retailers will put their returns and ex display couches on eBay accounts, so run a quick search on eBay for retailers whose sofas you like.

There are then websites and shops that specifically sell returns and ex display models, acquiring them on scale from larger retailers and then selling them on in their stores (either bricks and mortar stores or online shops). So take a peek at those too.

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