There’s nothing quite as miserable as a flight delay, is there? On the way to your holiday destination, you just want to get there and a delay dampens the mood somewhat. And on the way home? Well, I’m usually just dying to get back in my own bed and finding a delay greeting you at the airport is a really downer on the end of your break.

But if you’ve been delayed by 3 hours or more you might well be entitled to some compensation. Here’s how that works.

But let’s talk specifically about Jet2 flights and compensation claims there.

Jet2 Flight Delay Compensation Claims

Jet2, on the whole, is a pretty reliable airline. In 2016, 82.46% of its flights arrived early or on time. It might seem like quite a low number (after all, it implies that not too far off 20% were delayed, even if just a tad). But these figures actually put Jet2 in the position of 4th most reliable low cost airline in the world! So you’re less likely to have problems with Jet2 than with many others.

But if you have been delayed by Jet2, then the overall figures probably don’t mean a great deal to you. And what you’ll want to know is how you go about claiming compensation.

Am I eligible to make a claim against Jet2?

If you were travelling within the EU and were delayed by 3 hours or more and it was the fault of the airline, then yes. Here’s how much you might be in for:

Flight delay compensation amounts time distance

Claim Direct or Use a Flight Delay Compensation Company?

Personally, I’m a fan of claiming direct. But that’s probably because, in my experience, it’s been really straightforward. It has only ever taken a single email on each of the three times I’ve made a claim.

But I know some airlines make it more difficult than others and some people simply don’t enjoy writing the complaint letter. So if you’d rather stump up 20-30% (typically – do check with your specific claims management company) of your compensation for someone to take care of the whole thing on your behalf, then that’s certainly an option for you.

Claiming Compensation from Jet2 Directly

You can email Jet2 on In your email, you should include:

In simple cases, you should hear back with a straightforward confirmation that you’ll receive confirmation and, potentially, a form to fill in.

However, it Jet2 attempts to deny liability then it might be more complex.

Examples of issues that are the fault of Jet2 would be:

Appealing Jet2’s Decision

You can find out more about the next steps if Jet2 declines your compensation claim here. But at this point, it may become a little more time consuming and you may choose to work with a claims management company on it.


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  1. We had 22 hour delay with J2 and lost a day of our package holiday. We were told by the pilot the following day that it was the same crew who would have flown us the day before but they were ‘out of hours’. J2 have not given us a single penny in compensation despite one email (which included their claim form and evidence of expenses incurred) and a recorded delivery letter with the same information. To both attempts we received an automated email with no reference at all to our specific claim. So I guess it’s a claims management company next! Will never use the company again…..

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