You’ve gotta love Advent. It’s an excuse to wake up every morning and eat chocolate before breakfast for 24 days with no reason whatsoever and no need to justify it either.

But if you’ve not got that much of a sweet tooth, you might well fancy something a bit different. And we’ve got a round up here of the best beauty advent calendars of 2019 for those who’d like to switch the morning sugar rush for a little indulgence and pampering.

We’ve found our favourite:

The Budget One – Technic Cosmetic Advent Calendar

Some beauty advent calendars can literally cost hundreds. If you simply can’t (or frankly do not want to) invest that much in the run up to Christmas itself, then don’t. Being on a budget needn’t stop you having the advent calendar of your beauty dreams.

This one is just £15 at the time of writing. And they haven’t done what so many others do and decided to cut advent to 12 days to save. Nope! This is a full 24 days of cosmetics for £15.

The Indulgent One – Liberty London Advent Calendar

Alright, alright! Splashing out more than £200 on a bloody advent calendar is certainly not sensible spending, is it? But if you can’t do it at Christmas then when can you?

The Liberty London advent calendar is becoming something of an icon with luxury lovers looking to splurge. And this year’s offering comes in at an eye watering £237.99.

But just look at it!! Premium products and so beautifully presented.

The Household Name One – Cath Kidston Beauty Advent Calendar

Cath Kidston is one of those shops I just cannot walk past without going in, a proper good household name brand with a pretty premium offering. But the 2019 Cath Kidston beauty advent calendar won’t break the bank.

Granted, it’ll set you back more than your bod standard Cadbury calendar, but at £40 we think it’s a bargain with 24 bath and beauty products all certified cruelty free and vegan friendly. Very nice!

More to Follow

As of September 2019, we’re still awaiting a few big name launches in the advent calendar department! So bear with us while we add more of our favourites in the weeks to come.

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