So, Viagogo is getting a bit of bad press (understatement of the year) at the moment. But is it justified?

I can’t talk about hidden fees or anything, but what I can talk with experience about is the widespread sale of invalid tickets! So here’s my experience of dealing with what I consider a complete Viagogo scam.

Ed Sheeran Tickets

So, a family member of mine bought Ed Sheeran tickets on 12th July this year. Just a matter of days later, it was in the news that Ed’s promoters, Kilimanjaro Live, had cancelled 10,000 tickets they believed were being resold.

That’s when my personal battle with Viagogo began.

The Facts About Viagogo and Ed Sheeran Tickets

Everyone has their own opinion about ticket reselling but this isn’t about the moral side of it. It’s about consumer rights. Here are the facts:

Pretty straightforward, you’d think?

Apparently not.

The Ed Sheeran Refund Battle So Far…

A few things you should know before I share the support thread so far:

Here’s my support thread to date…

A quick, but generic response

So, “Karen,” gets back suggesting I should just push my dodgy tickets on to someone else… This is very clearly a copy and paste response. But let’s give Karen some credit – she sent me that generic response within an impressive 5 minutes.

Of course, I assumed she must have misread my message. So I went back…

A slightly longer response time this time, but Karen clearly just copied and pasted another stock response.

Come on, Karen at Viagogo. You can do better!

By now, responses are hours apart and Karen appears to be getting a bit snappy with me. Apparently Viagogo, “do not offer refunds,” and she put that bit in bold.

Still not satisfied, I went back…

By this point, I’m apparently talking to myself. Karen has enough of me, do we think?

It seems that yes, indeed, Karen has had enough of me! In steps Samuele with another default Viagogo copy and paste response that relates in absolutely no way whatsoever to my query.

Samuele disappeared and in stepped Niamh.

Fair enough, their terms do say I should be refused entry first. But of course, if I organise transport and accommodation and turn up knowing I am going to be refused, I would have no chance in hell of getting reimbursed from Viagogo for that! So I decide to go back with more logical points:

A little while later…

Another generic stock response and once again, another suggestion from Viagogo that I should pass the dodgy tickets on to someone else…

So I go back again!


viagogo ed sheeran refund thread

Is this progress? They’re going to let me send the letter proving the tickets are invalid?!

Of course, I sent the letter through. And this followed:

viagogo ed sheeran scam suport thread

What that actual F**K?

Viagogo are now claiming that Kilimanjaro Live haven’t told them directly of this fact. Yes, for real.

Megan’s next reply didn’t even include my name….

viagogo ed sheeran refunds

We then went back and forth for a day or two like this, with some more stock responses about how I should resell my tickets blah blah blah.

Then I got another response assuring me the tickets are valid:

viagogo ed sheeran refund support

I got another similar reply and finally I asked them to supply me with evidence to prove that the tickets are valid.

I have had no response.

In fact, I have had no response since 26th July and I’ve since sent 22 messages to them.

I am being ignored. My refund is not being issued.


My bank is currently assessing whether they will issue a refund or whether I need to be actually turned away from the venue before they’ll process it.

What are the options then?

I plan to continue pursuing a refund. Even the experts on BBC Watchdog this week said that Viagogo’s interpretation of consumer law is questionable!

But ultimately, what may happen is that I simply have to go to the gig, get the tickets stamped invalid and then claim my refund afterwards. It might be the only choice I have.

Support and Resources

If you’re in a similar situation of trying to claim a refund from Viagogo, check out for support and take a look at the Victims of Viagogo Facebook Group to speak to others in a similar situation.

Is Viagogo a Scam?

My own one experience of Viagogo has been being sold tickets that are invalid and then being refused a refund because Viagogo still claims they’re valid despite all evidence to the contrary. On that basis, I cannot possibly come to any other conclusion that yes, Viagogo is a scam. A complete and utter con.

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  1. I had same thing happen to me and yes one of them was named Karen. I managed to get a chargeback through my bank but this was after the Judge in the Scottish Sunday Mail did a piece on me and contacted my bank. I have now received an email from Viagogo who are now investigating the chargeback. But he’ll will freeze over before they get to take it back off me again

    1. Hi Karen, I am in a similar situation – do have a copy of the article by any chance ? I did claim that Viagogo have breached my rights and the the CMA advice is on the side of the promoters, however if I could obtain a copy of the article it could help my case (and others).

  2. Yes, from what I’ve read through the media and personal reviews/ experiences​, they are a total scam!
    Unfortunately I didn’t read those before I purchased mine.
    But , I bought mine through PayPal, and have lodged a dispute with them. I was assured that if Viagogo haven’t sought to resolve this problem within 11 days, I’d be reimbursed by them.
    And I’m glad to hear that the ACC is taking Viagogo to court!
    The CEO of the company is a millionaire, and doesn’t have any work ethics or respect for his customers.
    The site should be closed down, but people/companies like that will just pop up somewhere else under a different name, never being held accountable for fraudulent activity.

  3. Viagogo is the WORST! I bought tickets for the ATP Finals from them in 2016 and paid a service charge of about $35 for the “Viagogo guarantee” and then got an email a few days later that the tickets I BOUGHT were no longer available. (??) So I thought no problem, I have their guarantee that I’ll get comparable tickets for the price I paid but by this time the price had gone up maybe $150 for 2 tickets and they basically told me go ahead and buy them yourself, we’re not going to help. SO I asked what the extra charge for the guarantee was and they told me if I had a complaint send a letter (not an email, a letter!) to their office in Switzerland. I could not believe it – the event would have already taken place by the time the letter was delivered.

    How is a company like this even in business?? I wish we had some choice as consumers as to whom we buy tickets from, these guys wouldn’t even exist in a month.


  4. It is fucking situation, I have experience recently and I am so heart break, I have purchase $257 dollar for going to Pink concert in New Zealand at Spark Arena, and I have been aware that the ticket is NOT arrive in my place and I have been send an e mail to them, but it is say delievery is fail and they are NOT response my e mail, so I can not refund, it is totally scam and I do agree with all of you as what do you say, my money is gone and it can not get back, VIAGOGO IS CHEAT AND THEY ARE LIE, IT SHOULD BE REPORT AS WELL.

    So how can I report this site, does anyone have idea, we all really need get money back and refund, that is really important.

  5. I have purchased tickets for SAM SMITH to the value of £267 for 2 tickets as I did not have a seat number I was suspicious so went online only to find out that viagogo were selling tickets they did not even have so have not supplied the product which I have paid for. I immediately contacted the bank they tried to stop the payment going through but were unsuccessful so I have e mailed viagogo and asked for a refund just waiting now

    1. Mrs Jane,
      How did you go? The same thing has happened to me and I spent $566 Aus dollars on Shania Twain tickets. When the confirmation email came there were no seat numbers and I realised it must be a scam. Have been emailing viagogo and have also contacted my bank.

    2. what row did they quote, I am panicking now, as I have bought 2 tickets for the Beyonce and Jay z concert in the Ethihad, and they give section 300 but no seat numbers, and I now cant see a section 300 , 301 but no 300.

    1. Dear Jenifer, I have just gone through the same as everybody else but I made an official report of fraud to the police.
      That is what this is; selling tickets they do not have or selling tickets that are not valid.

  6. I just suffered from being scammed by Viagogo. I live in Jakarta & bought 2 Ed Sheeran concert tickets in Singapore for my husband & son. When they got there the tickets were declared not original tickets by the organizers. I could not contact Viagogo to ask for refund. And I just found out after browsing through the internet about their scam. Someone should shut down their business so no other concertgoers fall victims into their fraud.

  7. Absolute disgrace! Misleading, fraudsters. They need to be shut down and all their asset’s taken. Karma that’s what I’m hoping for.

  8. They make us electronically sign a lot of stuff before we buy the ticket. It basically protects them from all kinds of refund and compensation asked for later. Seems like they are selling fake tickets and nobody can close them down cause they are legally protected with all kinds of contracts.

  9. I also have been scammed by viagogo. Supposedly bought Sheridan smith concert tickets at an already high price before finding that the final price had gone even higher with additional fees. I was not given opportunity to cancel order as the final price was given after order had gone through. I the find out I have been charged in euros!
    I have since been in ongoing communication with viagogo who start every one by telling they do not make refunds. The emails I get from them are spurious and stated by a previous message they are an obvious copy and paste job.
    I have disputed the transaction through Barclaycard so we will have to wait and see what happens.

  10. $400 out of pocket for tickets that were turned away in dunedin NZ. They were a suprise present for my birthday. SUPRISE!!!

  11. On December 31th I was trying to buy Tom Misch Ticket at Brooklyn Steel (05/03/2018 Event). I selected ticket and typed all the payment information. But I thought the service fee was high than I expected so I canceled it. However, they charged 112.63 dollars But I didn’t even get the ticket( I can’t find anything in My Purchase and I can’t contact with them.) I agree with others that they need to be punished.

  12. I was scammed by Viagogo for tickets for the Laver Cup in Prague in September 2017.
    I jumped through all the hoops on the internet and then spent $100+ on a ticket that did not exist.
    Let me be clear: VIAGOGO IS A SCAM.
    I wish I’d taken the time to Google theIr operation first, but I didn’t, and I hope to save you from the same fate.

  13. Same here. Bought tickets from what I thought was a reputable seller…..My tickets cost £325 for 2 people to see Michael McIntyre in Bournemouth…Tickets arrived saying ticket price was £39 each. Guttted and am trying a chargeback now. However the show is in 5 days time. Do I try and get in or do I buy new tickets trying to get a chargeback.
    Feel a fool, and think google should not be making money putting them No. 1 on google.

  14. Yes, Viagogo is a scam, I bought two tickets from them for the Stormers/Crusaders rugby game in Christchurch. Although it was Ticket Master tickets we were denied access at the AMI stadium. Contacted Viagogo and they just refused to pay me back. They just blamed Ticket Master, the official providers of the Canterbury Rugby Union.

  15. Yes I bought two tickets to Macbeth in London. I paid a hefty price, only to fond out that the original ticket price was £15!!! On arriving at the theatre we were told that the tickets were not real!!! Total scam.

  16. ‘Tried’ to buy pre-sale Coachella tickets last June and unknowingly ended up on the Viagogo site, the banner on top had a countdown to losing tickets so they create a sense of urgency. After spending $3k I realized this was not the normal Coachella site. I get an email saying that I may not actually receive my tickets, so i wait and see. In the meantime I decide not to go, so I will sell the tickets (if I get them). No tickets arrive so I log in to the Viagogo site and I see that indeed my transaction has been ‘cancelled’. It also says that there is no refund because it was never actually debited from my account, only ‘authorized’. My bank confirms that it was indeed debited and not refunded, going through my bank’s fraud department now. F*cking scammers!!!

  17. Yes, my son is a victim of these SCAMMERS – VIAGOGO.
    Not only did they sell him/me invalid tickets, we are unable to contact them and we were unable to get a satisfactory response from PAYPAL.
    Organisations such as VIAGOGO seriously need to GO !!!!!!
    Disgraceful society we live in.
    It’s not so much about the money lost, but more so the disappointment .

  18. Viagogo is a total disgrace as I turned up to Lionel Richie last night to be told my tickets were invalid. Can someone please explain how a company like this can blatantly rip people off continuously with no chance of redress. Makes me sick!!!

  19. I went online to see where my seats were the seats do not exist. What happens when you resell the tickets back on their site?

  20. I had a similar bad experience with VIAGOGO. They were selling tickets way more higher than the actual tickets and as soon as i found out 5 minutes later after purchasing a3 ricky martin vip tickets in the jazz festival in Dubai, I sent them an email, tried locating the customer service number and even called my bank not to process the payment. I never downloaded the tickets and repeatedly sent them email for refund but they never gave my money back… APPALLING! Clearly there are plenty who in good faith purchase tickets through viagogo but find it too late that its a company that is like a black hole who takes money and no room for customer service. Disgusting!

  21. Shocked and discussted .I purchased 2 tickets for Gary Barlow at London palladium for 17th may 2018 .stalls.
    seating area. This, was, confirmed 3 times, by email. I received email yesterday saying tickss, been changed to upper circle. Offering me £70 back in vouchers.

  22. Paid for 2 elo tickets for 6th of October at Manchester arena, 2 tickets cost £204, they also took £80 for booking fee & posting tickets, I have e-mailed umpteen times without reply, Microsoft informed me it is viagogo that has no link to receive, also contacted every phone number & only press to buy tickets, next step I will contact elo press as I have no option, anyway I will be going to event, & will visit all viagogo, or vianotgo offices, pity help their staff. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

  23. Springboks v England June 23 Cape Town: My 1st time & now LAST with Viagogo. Bought 4 tkts Lower Tier anywhere in blocks C to F – between either 22 meter lines & paid for a secure door to door delivery. This wasn’t an option btw. 10 weeks later an email arrives telling me the tkts are ready to download & the courier fees would be refunded. That did happen. The only problem were the seats were right at one end of the pitch on the tryline. Not what was requested and at a massive mark up on face value I might add. They refuse to acknowledge the seats are completely in the wrong position & not what was ordered off the stadium plan on their own website. They won’t do anything other than tell me they’re valid. I’ve reported this to MasterCard as a fraudulent transaction as I’m rejecting the goods as being incorrect. Fingers crossed the credit card company refunds me. Viagogo have the added advantage of being able to hide online with no telephones to call or offices to visit. A complete bunch of scam artists who somehow seem to be able to get away with it. Some authority somewhere needs to shut them down.

  24. I have bought Ed Sheeran tickets for 24th May 2018 at Manchester Etihad Stadium I am reading things on the news etc that these are not legit as my boyfriend booked them through Viagogo. Can someone please help and tell me if we will be able to get in the gates or not?

  25. Are they doing this to everyone ? are no viagogo tickets valid ? – does everyone fail to get in ?
    Does anyone have a number that they will answer ? or an email that gets a response from?

    meant to be taking my daughter to see taylor in London at the end of june
    if anyone has any contacts for them that actually receive a response could you let me know


  26. I have been royally f**ked over, got tickets for Britney Spears in April 2018, concert this weekend, still battling with viagogo for a refund, I have an email address that states they will not except viagogo tickets specifically.

    they told me to resell on there website! £50 admin fee on top of tickets.

    I’m soo angry like so many, I paid on credit card – MasterCard in April I don’t see how this can be sorted.

    it does state viagogo do give refunds on there website if something goes wrong but they refund me.

    still complaining trying to find a way to get my money back.

  27. Viagogo is Complete SCAM!
    I paid for 2 tickets yesterday advertised as £220 premium tickets totaling £440. I also paid for the processing fees at £70 per ticket totaling £140. And an additional £6 pound which was not advertised was also added at the last minute during the process as the time ran out.

    The tickets that were delivered were not premium tickets with a face value of £57 each totaling £114. So basically I have been scammed into paying £586 for premium tickets but got cheap tickets worth £114. The tickets were meant to be a present to my wife for our wedding anniversary. Needless to say the present has been ruined and we will not attend the concert. I am pursuing every avenue for a refund.

  28. Hi,

    I sold my ticket through Viagogo (linked it to my Paypal account), but my balance was zero for weeks.
    They were trying to get away with it by sayning that i hadn’t linked a payment method, even though i sent them screenshots of confirmation emails etc.

    There was a deadline mentioned in the viagogo website for payments withdrawn by customers. After a specific date, viagogo would get the money, instead of the customer/seller.

    So, at some point they said that they attempted to pay me, but the payment never got through.
    Finally, i got my money.
    Took me literally 1 month..I did’t chase them every day, so I suggest whenever you’re having issues like this, bug them all the time until you get what you’re entitled by law, to get.

    Hope this helps.

  29. I’ve brought shania twain tickets for £391 and I have not received a confirmation email from them, nor have I had any tickets. I brought them last October and now I’m worried that I’ve been scammed I’ve tried contacting them but no joy? The concert is on in two weeks time, October the 3rd, I’m heart broken does anyone know what l can do about it?

  30. O thought I’d bought tickets to see cliff Richard in sheffield they took nearly 350 quid and promised tickets at least a couple of days before well my post came today and surprise no tickets from via gogo . And they are still advertising tickets for tomorrow. 7Oct 18. I’m now going to see if I can get a refund but not holding my breath but if learnt my lesson only buy tickets to any event from the venue box office.

  31. These guys should be charged with Fraud. I am currently being scammed as we speak. Just bought 4 ticket to an event for way above the asking price. Trying to cancell but no chance not even a peep from theses wankers

  32. I wish I had read this article and the attached comments before…just bought yesterday 2 tickets to see The Tool in Amsterdam…357 euro!!! For two tickets of 131 euro each, 2 euro of handling fees and 94 euro of btw and “Viagogo charge”: WTAF?!?!? I’ll pursue a claim with my bank, never saw the 94 euro of extracharge anywhere until after hitting the confirm button for the payment. Incredible how this scam company is still in business!!!!!

  33. Viagogo IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we bought tickets on line for Disney on Ice in South Africa. When we arrived at the venue they informed us, that all the tickets for viagogo is fraudulent and we had to pay again for new ones. Don’t buy anything from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Another deluded buyer whom doesn’t believe he has done anything. Seems like people from England are indeed wingers. Ive bought from Viagogo countless times and paid what the price was (albeit more than expected) and always entered the concert.

  35. I just bought 2 tickets just over £1000, for The Rugby World Cup in Japan, just to see my tickets will not be accepted if bought through viagogo. HELP!!!! OMG!

  36. I purchased tickets to the Stevie Nix concert in Birmingham Al. I have never used Viagogo and usually try to steer clear of companies like this. When we got to the venue I was told the tickets were invalid. They were not ticket master tickets. I was told by a viagogo representative the day before that they were in fact ticket master digital tickets. I had to purchase new tickets through the box office and have asked for a full refund.

  37. I purchased tickets back in September for Rod Stewart and paid £522 for 4 to be in the stands W14. I have just received my tickets and they are for stands W9 which is higher up and furthest away from the stage so we will not have a very good view. It also means the tickets are of a lot lesser value as to what I purchased. I have ask for the correct tickets to be sent or a refund but I don’t think I will get either going by the issue other people have had. But I live in hope. They are suppose to be getting back to me to more i won’t hold my breath. They should be shut down they are con merchants

  38. i have just been told that because my tickets were delivered to the access point and I didn’t collect in time that we cannot have a refund

  39. My story is below, copied from what I sent them. I fell for an ad on Facebook, they added on extra fees after the purchase, afterwards I felt nervous so I Googled them and immediately found endless stories of people being ripped off by Viagogo… Viagogo resold to AXS, so I looked them up and found nothing but horrible reports of spyware, so I immediately called Visa and started a dispute. When I contacted Viagogo Customer Support, I got the same types of generic responses to any emails I sent to them. I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau, I reported one of their ads to Facebook.

    My best tip: Join the FB Group Victims of Viagogo #vofv …they have a wealth of info and most important, they help you to understand you’re not alone in falling for the ads by this company. Tons of people are victims, so you’re in good company. Urge organizations to shut them down. There was recently a decision by Google to take Viagogo’s ads down. Now if we can get Facebook to take down the ads, that will help too.

    Here are the details of my request for a refund (below). Do NOT attempt to resell your tickets from Viagogo on the Viagogo platform. You will be charged an extra fee and from what people have said it probably won’t work anyway and it will invalidate your request to get your money back from Viagogo. Best of luck!
    My story:

    Order ID 22546790 Requesting Refund; Dispute Filed with Visa

    I bought 2 tickets on 05July2019 for Elton John on Fri 06Sept2019, Order ID 22546790.

    1. The Viagogo site I was linked to made it look like I was purchasing tickets from the real primary vendor. Misleading.
    2. The tickets were then put through another vendor, AXS. AXS forces you to download their app which is known as Spyware, scrapes data & sells it.
    3. The original tickets were about $350-370 each. Multiple fees were added at the end of the purchase that were not revealed until after the purchase was completed, bringing the total to $975.00.

    I contacted Visa immediately once I realized the nature of your company and the company you sold the ticket to and saw all the fees that you had added in.

    I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

    Please refund my money.

  40. I had purchased 4 tickets on Viagogo last December to Iron Maiden’s, Legacy of the Beast tour, in Toronto August 9th 2019, and paid 938 USD for Section 303. Our travel plan changed due to a family emergency and I had to put up two of the four tickets on resale, an option given on the Viagogo website. My listing was approved and I confirmed the sale with an understanding to fedex the tickets to the buyer latest by 3rd August 2019.
    Since then I had periodically followed up on my order status only to get the message that the tickets will be shipped once released by the tour organisers, which remained unchanged until this week. Now my account status says the tickets have been shipped and delivered by Fedex-2 days , but I haven’t received any tickets!! Been frantically trying to follow up on their website which keeps sending me to a customer service loop in vain. On top of that, I got an urgent email telling me to send the tickets to the buyer ASAP, otherwise they will penalise me with the buyer’s cost. I don’t understand what the F–* is going on here! I don’t understand this shit! Feel utterly helpless and dismayed

  41. I too have been scammed and now after reading all of the above, very nervous that I have illegal seat placements. I placed my order in June, 2019 and neglected to notice that I had been charged in U.S. Dollars. The Venue for, A Canadian Singer, in Canada and having to pay in U.S. Dollars. Apparently when I purchased and printed my receipt It stated my cost to be $522.45 for tickets to Celine Dion at Rogers Arena in Vancouver Canada. So I feel happy that I have tickets. Viagogo indicated that my tickets would be forthcoming closer to the date. I was concerned but on Sept. 30th received my email tickets. On those tickets, no name on them. Then I find that my credit card was charged in U.S. Dollars??????????????????? (My fault for not being more attentive to my finances.) I now start my thread with Viagogo. With all my following conversations with a multitude of people told me that I had purchased tickets that were put back in the pool for resale. Each and every correspondence had the usual statement inserted. What a crock of Shit. Why is Viagogo being supported on Facebook. They are Scam artists.

    Do you have any suggestions for me to pursue to find out if these are legitimate seats? I am very nervous. The concert isn’t until April, 2020 and I still have time to check up on this.

  42. Thank you for your most interesting story. Incidentally, were you ever given a refund as you had requested. As it sounds, once they have your money, they literally throw the guarantee out the back window by “passing the buck” as it were to someone else to answer your questions. Their contract clearly states you are covered in cases like this but obviously each reply from a different person which states “this is final” is telling me they have no idea what the contract says and they make the decisions as to weather you get a refund or not. When these scammers are finally made bankrupt, it is hoped they will be ordered to refund the millions they have scammed off so many.

  43. I bought two tickets as a birthday gift for me and a friend to Hamilton at the Lyric Theatre in Sydney for Saturday the 31st July 2021 and even though the world know Sydney has been in a 4 week lockdown and going into a further 4 weeks they are refusing to refund me my money because Viagogo still claims they’re valid and that the musical is still going ahead despite all evidence to the contrary. I have asked to speak to a manager and the agent on the other end of the phone refuses to put a manager on and sent numerous emails and not getting anywhere.

    Mind you they have sent two separate emails that I would be receiving my tickets and they never have arrived to date.

    This is the worst company that I have ever had to deal with and we don’t stand a chance as there call centre and head office is overseas and I believe that this is a scam and take advantage of overseas purchases as they know that we really cant do anything.

    One very pissed off customer.

  44. I got scammed on a muscial in London.

    I got scammed on a muscial in London. Where attending Frozen at Theathre Royal Drury Lane I believed but after showing my tickets from viagogo it didnt work and now Im afraid that I’ve given out my debit card information. What should I do? Is it possible to get my money back? I dont know. Feel complety scammed.

  45. Garou’s concert was set for May 1 2022 in Bucharest and after a while the concert was re-scheduled for April 18.
    Since the official authorized company for selling tickets say it is everything SOLD OUT… out of curiosity I entered on viagogo website. What a surprise to see that not only there are tickets available for April 18.. there are tickets available for May 1. LOL. For a non-existent concert basically. Let not mention the prices that are ridiculously higher.
    So yes Viagogo is a SCAM!

  46. I bought 2 tickets to see Queen on 9/6/22, event of a lifetime. We could not access the tickets on the Viagogo account. We spent ages on many calls to Viagogo trying to get the tickets and were told not to worry the tickets would be there or we could have our money back!
    The concert passed and we were so dissappointed. Now they will not give us our money back.
    Has anyone had any experience of taking them to the small claims court?
    Thanks for any information you can give me.

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